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November 26, 2013


MARSHALL, MN - Victory Engines owner Matt Steen’s racing history helps him better serve circle track racers across the entire WISSOTA racing region from his shop in southwestern Minnesota.

The current drag racer has paid his dues in the dirt track market, and his customers in WISSOTA can provide testimony to the strength and durability of his engines.

Victory Engines builds strong motors for racers in the Street Stock, Super Stock, Midwest Mod, Modified and Late Model divisions of WISSOTA and also serves a variety of IMCA and USRA racers at tracks in the area.

Steen, who has more than 28 years of experience building racing engines, pays close personal attention to detail on every engine.

“By having my own shop, I can control every aspect of the quality,” Steen said. “I either do or directly oversee all of the machining on our engines and I personally assemble all of the complete engines that leave with Victory Engines stickers on them.”

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It’s that type of hands-on approach and a sincere desire to help racers that led Steen to go into business in his hometown of Marshall back in 1999.

Victory Engines turns out race engines for all three major makes, Chevrolet, Ford and Mopar, and Steen is experienced with them all.

“I try to supply racers with durability and maximum power by combining quality parts and uncompromising machine service on the components, no matter which engine they prefer,” he explained.

In addition to offering complete machining and assembly of racing engines, Steen’s business is also a dealership for the top brands in the engine business including Bullet, CP Pistons, Comp Cams, Callies, Mopar Performance, Wiseco, Manley, Jesel, Federal Mogul, Fel-Pro and a number of other quality brands.

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“We have tested lots of parts from these manufacturers and trust their quality, but the bottom line is that the customer gets what he wants. If you prefer certain components or brands, we can get you whatever you need,” Steen said.

Steen keenly understands that racers have to stay within a budget. With that in mind, he focuses on making sure his clients’ dollars go toward the components that will make power and last long.

“Repeat business should be all about satisfied customers returning to you the next season for another engine,” he said. “It shouldn’t be about seeing them over and over during the season to troubleshoot problems and fix engines.

“I want a good piece to go out the door and I want the guys to call me and tell me about their top fives and their wins during the season – not about a breakdown.”

Victory Engines has everything Steen needs to create a powerplant from top to bottom. As he said before, a client’s new motor can go out the door as a dyno-tested piece with Steen’s official stamp of approval or as individual components to those who prefer to do the assembly themselves.

“We build engines all the way through,” he said. “It’s a complete package when it leaves. We do whatever the customer wants us to do.”

Steen also does engine work on street performance, restoration and muscle car projects for people. He can also supply customers the parts they need via UPS or Speedee Delivery.

“I emphasize personal and quick service to all of my clients,” Steen said. “That separates me from a lot of other shops right away.”

Victory Engines is open during regular business hours on weekdays and Steen often sees clients on Saturdays, when they can get away from their own jobs. If you need a special appointment on a Saturday, just give Steen a call to arrange it.

Victory Engines is located at 1507 Lake Road in Marshall, MN, just off Hwy. 59. You can speak with Steen about your 2014 engine program by calling (507) 532-2436 or by emailing him at matt@victoryengines.net.

Victory Engines • 1507 Lake Road, Marshall, MN 56258 • Phone 507.532.2436 • Email matt@victoryengines.net