Dirt Track Racing

Gordon, Andy (CP)

Dirt track racing punishes an engine like few other things on this planet.

Lucky for you, we're used to having customers that are hard on their equipment. And we forgive you for it.

We build dirt track engines for virtually any division in WISSOTA, IMCA and USRA

Because we're located in the heart of WISSOTA Country, we specialize in engines for Street Stocks, Midwest Mods, Super Stocks, Modifieds and Late Models. Our long list of satisfied customers includes Andy Gordon, winner of the 2012 Advantage RVs Mod Tour, Jason Miller, winner of the 2006 DTRA 100 and Shane Sabraski, the two-time WISSOTA Midwest Modified national champion as well as Jason Long, a former national champion in the WISSOTA Street Stock division.

Most of those guys have been running with Victory Engines under the hood for years, and they've been visiting a lot of victory lanes across the region. Want to know more about us? Just ask them what they think of our products and services.

And once they've told you why they've gone with Victory Engines, give us a call or drop us an email.

Victory Engines • 1507 Lake Road, Marshall, MN 56258 • Phone 507.532.2436 • Email matt@victoryengines.net