Shop Services & Specialties

20140131 115333Although lots of engine shops "job out" their machine work to others, Victory Engines has all of the equipment to work on your project in-house. That way, we can stand behind every one of our engines with tremendous confidence; we know all about your engine, because we touched every piece before you installed it into your hotrod or race car.

We offer complete race engine parts inventory and sales, and our shop specialties include:


Boring, plate honing, BHK Deck TRUing, O-Ringing, Line Boring, Splayed Cap Installation, Piston Modifications, Connecting Rod Reconditioning, Crank Balancing, Magnafluxing & Mallory Installation


Competition Valve Jobs, Porting, Flow Testing, Aluminum & Cast Iron Capability, Harley Twin Cam Porting & Assembly


eng on dyn

Whatever kind of work we've done for you, we can test it thoroughly on our in-house Super-Flow dyno.

At Victory Engines, we try to supply racers with durability and maximum power by combining quality parts and uncompromising machine service on the components, no matter which engine they prefer.

If you're involved in a hobby or sport where complete trust in your engine builder is necessary, you've come to the right place - Victory Engines.

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