Drag Racing

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If you really want to win something special, "race" to Victory Engines, where high performance is built into every engine. Racers and fans are always welcome!

Drag racing engines go through demanding cycles of acceleration and RPM figures that are nearly out of this world. Owner Matt Steen is a current drag racer, so he knows exactly what kind of torture you're going to put your engine through in the next quarter mile. Steen's racer is a '66 Plymouth Valiant SS/K.

Regardless of the drag division you compete in, Victory Engines can build you a quick, reliable and affordable drag racing engine. That combination is hard to beat, and if you've got a Victory Engine under the hood, you' will be, too.

Don't delay. Call Victory Engines for all your drag racing engine needs.

We specialize in NHRA Super Stock and Stock Eliminator classes!

Victory Engines • 1507 Lake Road, Marshall, MN 56258 • Phone 507.532.2436 • Email matt@victoryengines.net